Saturday, February 14, 2009

Reese's Hearts

It is said that the Valentine's day is Single's Awareness Day....aka SAD....for me Valentine's Day is a good idea, but like many other holidays has been over commercialized. There are few things that have been part of Valentine's Day that will always be cherished; for instance: Roses--they are always nice, but at the same time they eventually die, valentine cards ( the little ones that you gave your friends in elementary school)--they are classics and have the cheesiest sayings on them that you can't help but love getting them, even if you are almost 24, the little conversation hearts that say cheesy little "i love you's"---they don't actually tasted that good but they're cute, so you can't help but love them, and the cream de la resitances REESE'S HEARTS!!!! OMG i don't care is someone is married they make valentine's day worth celebrating!