Wednesday, December 30, 2009


it's funny how sometimes i sit here at my desk and talk to people at doctor's offices and say "this is rachael with continucare" and then i just sit here and am like.....that was weird. it's weird that people take me seriously (well most of the time) and that i'm an actual adult. sometimes i still feel like a 18 year old just starting out on my own and that i have no actual reason to be affiliated with a certain company. was weird! it sometimes seems that my mind still thinks that its a not so much of an adult but more kid still. while this may be true in some aspects, it's not in the fact that i have bills just like adults and responsibilities just like an adult, and have to work just like an adult, and have to take care of myself just like an adult....way overrated. what it would be like to be 10 again and not have to go to school, but just playing and being 10 and carefree. yeah that would be awesome....

my brother left yesterday. it was sad, it's weird that we won't see him for 2 years but he is doing the Lord's work, and that's the important thing to remember. he started crying....that's when i started to get sad....i was excited for him...i know that he's been waiting for this for a long time, but now that it's here i guess it would be a little scary. my mom tried to hide her tears, but when we got home i heard her sobbing in the bathroom (isn't it funny how that door makes it seem like the world is so far away) do you know how hard it is to hear someone you love crying and can't really do anything for them? it sucks!....just so you know. i didn't cry, just teared up a little. it will be hard to not have any voice contact, but he's doing a greater work...and that in and of itself is a comfort.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

tis the season....

I love Christmas!!! There is just a special spirit about it that just makes me happier. I love that this special time as been set aside all over the world to remember the birth of the Savior of the World. To feel and know the love that He has for us! I love giving people presents and i love watching them open them knowing they will love them! I love feeling the excitement that the little children have for Santa Clause to come to their house and leave presents under the tree. There is just a feeling in the air that makes you want to be a better person and make everyday of the year Christmas for your family and friends. I LOVE IT!!! It makes me want to be able to get everyone i know something awesome for Christmas, or make them something!!! I love Christmas Carols and the happiness that they put in the spirit around me! I love little boys who love Christmas so much that they go around singing "jingle bells, jinble bells" because that's the only part they know. I love everything about Christmas!!! I love most of all our Savior Jesus Christ who was born to Mary and came into the world to "bring to pass the immortality and eterenal life of man"! That He loves all of us so much that he came to the world. ( i can't even comprehend that love yet) He gave us the opportunity to come here and prove our love to Him and His father! To live a righteous life and be able to return to His presence one day to feel the Happy magic spirit of Christmas for Eternity!!!

Monday, December 14, 2009

....not so little

so my little brother gave his "farewell" talk yesterday. I don't know why it was weird, but it was. It was the very first talk he's every written by himself.....he used to have me write them or his girlfriend...what a slacker...right! Anyways, it was a really good talk about the Holy Ghost, and it's crazy as my little brother being not so little's crazy, he's leaving to go on his mission on the 30th and my mom is already preparing for a onslaught of missing him. It's funny but not at the same time!!!

There was another person who gave a talk yesterday and she was a young woman at camp this past summer and i think she' graduating so she won't be at the next one, but her talk was about holding up virtue and standing true. It was awesome!!! She related it that the youth today can be as influential as the founding fathers and the young men during the revolutionary war by standing for virtue in all they do and how that can affect people just as much! It was a perfect analogy for me, i loved it!!! It's great to know that there are young people who will stand for the virtue that will be key in defeating the evil forces that plague the world today!!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


so i just got back from utah! It's good to be home, but at the same time it's hard. While i was in utah life was less mundane, but i don't think i would like living there again. There was a sort of excitement in the air, but at the same time theres a lot of drama associated with a college town and having 5 other roommates! we had fun while i was there, and i have a new appreciation for jacob, but i'm still an edward fan, even though he can be a jerk! Applebee's rocks and i love john, jon, and kaydee! Strawberry daiquiris take all my worries away even when they attack me! Hanging out with friends and just enjoying each other's company is so where it's at! Creepy bosses freak me out; recirculated air and being at high elevations is way overrated!!! (still feeling the effects!

The temple is awesome!! My last day in utah we went and did baptisms at the Provo Temple! It was awesome! I so needed a reenergization spiritually and that's exactly what i got! I was way tempted to not go. I was so tired and just wanted to sleep in, but it was so worth it! It just helps me to recenter my life and want to be a better person!!! It just makes me happier, and in the words of Donny Osmond that's what makes mormons different and recognizable! It's so true!!! I have been so much happier since i've been to the temple (it's been awhile since i've gone), even though i had a brain lapse and couldn't remember how to put my hands and even though the baptiser was like 2 feet shorter than me---it was all worth it!!! It's like a re-cleansing for the spirit and soul!!! (btw, can't wait til i don't have to wear those jumpsuits and can wear a temple dress instead)

It's good to be home! To be in my bed and can sprawl out as much as i want without offending anyone or making any "roommates" mad!!! I love that home is where you can be who you are and not get judged for it!!! No one is offended here because they love me for who i am, and not for what society dictates!!! I love the funny quips that my mom says and just makes me laugh! Like "chunk, chunk, chunk" or "who the heck slowed down the rotation of the earth?!?!" I love her and all she does for me!!! I love home!!!

Monday, November 9, 2009


so my little brother got his mission call....exciting right! we've been waiting for awhile for it so we were so excited to finally get it....he is going to the Utah Provo Mission. While some people might find this quite hilarious, and i'll be honest after living there for 5 years i thought he was joking with me but alas he was not, I'm am quite pleased with it. It's an answer to prayer, and i'm so excited for him! I've heard that's its a very rewarding mission and i have no doubt that he'll be a success. I'm so proud of him and am so excited for him to go. He leaves December 30th, so we've got lots to do, but we are way excited!!!!


so this weekend i discovered something about myself, that i sort of already knew, but really came out this weekend! I LOVE PHOTOGRAPHY!!! the different angles light and combinations of them together. I was at a wedding this weekend and had my digital camera with me (which i hate the zoom on btw and as good as auto focus is sometimes it is the bane of my existence) and had fun getting different angles of the flowers and the cake and bouquet, and i would put them on here but i'm not on my computer...i had decided to invest in a better camera awhile ago, but i am certain about it now. All i wanted to do the whole ceremony is go up the aisle and get different angles of the couple, because the photographer wasn't...but hey that's just me... anyways so photography is my new love, and if y'all are lucky i will put some of the pictures up on here. I'll edit this post and add some photos that i took.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

attack of ooglay!

Okay i just looked at my's ooglay!!!!! That's right, not ugly but ooglay!!! I need help, how do you make it cute? i hate my title color and format, but i don't know enough about any of this junk to do anything about it! HELP ME!!!!! Everyone's blog i look at is way adorable and for once in my life i want to be like the crowd...a cute blog! Help!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

bottle it up!!!!

I think that fall has to be just about the best season EVER!!!! I love it, you can just feel it in the air and makes you want to take a stroll down a lane. I have this picture as the background on my computer at work...and it just starts off my day with this feeling to go outside and play in the leaves. The leaves start changing colors and its just so happy! The weather is usually very near perfect! It just makes me want to make scarecrows and pumpkin arrangements. There is nothing like this feeling, it's utter and complete contentment, that for this one moment in time nothing can take it away...its the most incredible feeling with no words to describe it besides a feeling of being home. The combination between it all: the colors, the weather, the holidays, playing in the leaves, everything makes it the best time of year, now if they could bottle that up i think we would have a better shot at world peace...but hey that's just me! Now try it, google the word autumn or fall and go to the images and just look at the different colors and scenes that are up there and see if it just doesn't inspire contentment and playfulness all at the same time! Bottle it up for yourself with a picture and just look at it whenever you need a pick me up!

Monday, October 12, 2009


so i don't know how many people i've told that i'm coming to utah, but i'm coming to utah! I just got my time off approval! i'm way stoked!!! I'll arrive in utah thursday November 19 and will be leaving utah December 1...i can't wait! it's gonna be fun...just chillin....if anyone's still in utah and wants to get together....let me know.....cuz i'm gonna live it up! Me and gina are going to try and go to the Elton John and Billy Joel concert while i'm there.....ome this is so exciting.... and of course New Moon opens that weekend...yay! I'll be there for thanksgiving so i'll get to see the fam.....let me know we'll get together!!!!

Friday, September 25, 2009

hungry toilets

So, have you ever had to pee so bad that you are running down grocery store aisles? Yeah well it happened to me yesterday. There i am in the produce trying to figure out if i want to buy some cucumbers when it hit me. I get to the bathroom, barely, and use it. However in the midst of all this my cell phone had flipped out of my pocket, i even saw it do so in the reflection of the little trash can on the stall wall. Thought nothing of it, until i started looking around for it. Yeah, we all know where this is going......the toilet ate my cell phone!!!! Ugh!!! I did however save it from being digested, but the damage had already been done....we all know how much cell phones love water....yeah not so much! So i take it apart on the baby changer table thingy and dry it off, put it back together, and definitely didn't turn it back on until it had dried out awhile at home. Oh i have a feeling this will be story told at many family events, because of course any story that would make fun of me would be one worth telling. So....bit of advice always know where your cell phone is flying and don't let hungry toilets use it as a sacrifice.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

at last

Oh how i miss brooke! I wasn't her very best friend, but she was my friend and I loved her for it. We would pass each other every day on our way to and from classes and we would always stop and talk or sign. She was one of the best people i've ever known. She was always there for anyone who needed her with a kind word or just a hug, but she was there. And now, i can finally shed the tears that have waited for five years. When she disappeared i was in total and utter shock, and then when they found her kidnapper....that was hard. Now i can mourn what i knew was probably true the whole time, but didn't want to accept. I've watched her family with awe, how amazing they are. How glad i am for the gospel at this time, to know that she is being watched over and held in the arms of a loving man. What greater comfort can she or we receive? I pray that i can always remember her example and the profound affect she had on so many lives. I love you Brooke and I will always miss you!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

torture!!!!!!'s evil i tell you!!!! So i just recently changed the background of my blog right, well then i found a different background i liked better........and then...........i found another site....OMG how do you decide? This is torture...pure torture...i can't chose between all these cutified backgrounds! What am i supposed to do??? Who has time to go through ALL the backgrounds there are and decide which one to use!!! AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

Monday, September 14, 2009


So i decided awhile ago that i wanted my blog to look cute like all my friends, but i was having some slight issues. Now when i say slight issues i mean that me and the template coding were not getting along, so i decided to go a different route! TaDa! I'm happy with the results, but we'll see if i get tired of sad is it that i'm blogging about updating my blog? Hehehe....that makes me chuckle! Let's be honest, who isn't glad that the dots are gone!!!! I like what it is now much better! I'm also thinking about starting another blog.....but the idea only came to me today, so we'll see if that comes to fruition!

btw....i did go to mckay's and buy tons (well not tons, but more than 20) and now my reserves are full to brimming, sadly however, i found out today that one of the books i bought i've previously read, and thus am without reading materials at lunch, update!!!! Yay!!! The next thing you know i'll have an actual picture of me on there...hehehe!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

idiosyncrasy & replinishment

lol...isn't that an awesome word? I think it is! Anyways, so why is it that we all have these different things about us that make us unique? Like why do i have to have one leg sticking out of the blanket/sheet in order to go to sleep? There i was in my bed trying to go to sleep and pop there goes my leg....i don't think it understands that when its not covered up it gets cold which isn't very conducive to sleep. Don't ya love it!!!

I'm excited for tomorrow! I get to go to Mckay's, i'll have to take pictures so y'all can see what it is! I love it, it's a huge bookstore!!!! Except for they sale them way cheap like 50 cents for the books i read, so if i get 20 it only cost me $10 I LOVE IT!!!! They have all kinds of music and stuff too, and since i have exhausted my book reserve i must replenish it, so tomorrow my mom and i will embark on a journey of the utmost important! It's so fun, we go in there and just lose track of time and the next thing you know we've spent 2 hours in there, but we can't tomorrow!!!

We're getting the Kids!!! My niece, Presley (affectionately known as sissy), and my nephew, Dawson are coming to vist MawMaw and CoCo(what they call me)! They are spending the night!!!! It'll be fun to just let lose and get some major play on!!!! And totally feed my little kid fix at the same time!!!! I'm excited!!! YAY!!!! If i can figure out how to put pictures on this thing i'll totally post some, because lets be honest they are the two cutest kids ever!!!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

.....that is the question

okay, so you know how i said i would catch up my blog after camp and put pictures and everything, well......i'm sorry i am the world's worst blogger!!!! so my life right now has really consisted of a lot of little kids. my nieces and nephews and then little kids that are like my nieces and nephew....i've got to get pictures up because yes....they are that cute!!!!

so what's going on right now? i'm at a loss....that's what!!!! what should i do, where should i go, etc.....well long story short...i'm in a rut!! i want to get out of said rut!!! sometimes i feel like if i move out of my parents house i will....however.....there goes the free rent!!!! there is absolutely no one here to hang out with that doesn't live at least an hour away (thats what i get for living in the sticks) so this is the move to utah or to not move to utah? *sigh* who knows?

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Thus is Life...

Okay, so I don't know who reads this...but I'm sorry I haven't written in awhile! Short life has been work and camp for the past 2-3 months. I am one of the stake leaders for camp and so I've had a lot to do lately. On top of that I've been doing a lot of the ward camp organizing too. It's been crazy and camp is next week, and I'm so not ready!!!! Ugh!!! But it's been good for me. Other than that I've been hanging out with kid. my nephew and niece are so cute and they call me Coco. We're not sure why, they just started to one day, and it stuck, and now i'm coco! I love them so much! It really makes me want to have kids of my own, but I'm waiting on the Lord's timing for things, and He knows what I can handle. It's interesting for me though, because I just love those little kids so much, and I don't think I ever thought i would love someone so much....too bad it's not a man.....hehehehe...which everybody says i need. Which also sucks! People at work are always saying "Rachael you need a boyfriend" and i'm like "Why?" They all say they are going to find me one, and I say as long as he is LDS....needless to say I am still boyfriendless!!

I've decided that being my age and single and LDS is not so fun! It's funny because it's like if you're my age and single, it's like you've done something wrong, like "Why hasn't the Lord blessed you with a husband" It's a good thing my momma taught me manners because I have a feeling I would be offending some people real quick.

Anyways, I got on to say that after camp, I'm gonna sit down and catch up on my life, so I will know what i've done. hopefully i've taken pictures of everything so i can remember! I will update soon!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Reese's Hearts

It is said that the Valentine's day is Single's Awareness Day....aka SAD....for me Valentine's Day is a good idea, but like many other holidays has been over commercialized. There are few things that have been part of Valentine's Day that will always be cherished; for instance: Roses--they are always nice, but at the same time they eventually die, valentine cards ( the little ones that you gave your friends in elementary school)--they are classics and have the cheesiest sayings on them that you can't help but love getting them, even if you are almost 24, the little conversation hearts that say cheesy little "i love you's"---they don't actually tasted that good but they're cute, so you can't help but love them, and the cream de la resitances REESE'S HEARTS!!!! OMG i don't care is someone is married they make valentine's day worth celebrating!