Monday, September 14, 2009


So i decided awhile ago that i wanted my blog to look cute like all my friends, but i was having some slight issues. Now when i say slight issues i mean that me and the template coding were not getting along, so i decided to go a different route! TaDa! I'm happy with the results, but we'll see if i get tired of sad is it that i'm blogging about updating my blog? Hehehe....that makes me chuckle! Let's be honest, who isn't glad that the dots are gone!!!! I like what it is now much better! I'm also thinking about starting another blog.....but the idea only came to me today, so we'll see if that comes to fruition!

btw....i did go to mckay's and buy tons (well not tons, but more than 20) and now my reserves are full to brimming, sadly however, i found out today that one of the books i bought i've previously read, and thus am without reading materials at lunch, update!!!! Yay!!! The next thing you know i'll have an actual picture of me on there...hehehe!

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Unknown said...

WEll I love the updated look! But why start a new blog when you never write on this one? Ha HA HA!