Thursday, October 28, 2010


so at my nephew's school they don't really celebrate "halloween"  but since its busting at the seams with little kids, they have a fall party and each grade has a theme to dress up like.  well my nephew is in kindergarten and their theme is.............nursery rhymes.  so they send home a list of suggestions, and what does my nephew pick.........hickory dickory dock.

so there our brains go with ways to make a clock costume for a 5 year old.  this was our solution.  take a paper bag and cut arm and head holes and cut of the middle of the front or you would if you were making an indian vest, like we did when we were little kids.  well then we took brown felt and covered the bag in felt.  you can sew it directly on the bag because it's thin enough to sew through.  well there's the body, but the tricky part was the head.  so we took poster board and cut out the shape of a clock then covered that in brown felt making sure to cut the hole bigger leaving space for the face of the clock. add a little velcro here and there and a little elastic and make a little pair of pants with the leftover felt and draw the hands on his face with eyeliner or face paint and you've got the cutest little hickory dickory dock ever!!! 
that's right folks...there you have it.......hickory....dickory....dock!!!!
(minus the clock hands)

love this kid!

Monday, October 11, 2010


it's officially official....i suck at blogging. i don't even know why...i enjoy blogging, but i guess between choosing whether to post on my blog or vegging on the couch, taking a shower, or eating i'd choose any of those to know...they're necessities.  the easiest place for me to blog is at work, and that requires some preparation...especially if i want to include pictures...which is always better....most of my pictures are on my external hard drive (best purchase ever!!!) so if i wanted i could lug it in, but well, i have to lug enough in to my little piece of heaven (hear the sarcasm?).

i've officially realized that i spend more time at work than i do at home, with the exception of the weekends, but a majority of my life is spent here.....i'm not exactly sure how i feel about that.

i think i should decorate!

"Within each woman is the capacity to strive for improvement and the freedom to choose her own path.  our challend is to choose a path that will offer to each of us the assurance that our chosen course of life is acceptable and according to the will of God."              {Elaine Sorensen Marshall}