Tuesday, April 27, 2010

milk mishap.....

there i was...lacking the milk for my cereal. no big deal, i will stop and get it from shop rite! In and out in less than 3 minutes...i am quite proud! get in the car, open the milk........POOF!!!!!!....ah yes, the milk has decided that it wants to give me a hug! It gets all over my pants down in my seat, all over the steering wheel, all over my keys....and what do i do you might say? well i just poured it in my cup of cereal put the cap back on and made my way home....going to work is hard enough...add feeling like you peed your pants and it being sticky and you don't really care anymore! i went home through the morning school traffic at glhs and changed---dried my shirt with a blow dryer put on different pants and shoes and made my keys and seat not so wet or sticky...and then what did i do? well what any self respecting person might have done....i sucked it up and went to work!!!
{mind you this would have been a good excuse to just not go....y'all should be proud}

Thursday, April 22, 2010

random things......

1. the little man that peeks at me inside my stride gum makes me giggle! There is nothing like sticking a piece of your favorite gum in your mouth after an unexpected absence!
2. i think banana laffy taffy, pajama pants, cheesecake, dark chocolate covered almonds, t-shirt sheets, and funky socks are God's gifts to the world
3. i think going barefoot is one of the best things in the world
4. there is just something about cute little boys that makes me want to squeeze their cheeks and talk baby talk...odd i know
5. my dream that robert pattinson was in love with me, while making me feel kinda special, kinda wigged me out!
6. parenthood is probably the best show on right now! love their family dynamics and seeing lorelei (kindred spirit) regularly again...yay!
7. just seeing the railroad tie sculpture in front of the aquarium makes me happy! Starts my day off in a way that makes me want to go around town snapping pictures of everything!
8. people told me they wanted my hair.....i told them they could have it....they didn't take it...it's still mine.
9. i think a 2234 count of pollen is just way to high to be considered "high" why can't they call it uber-uber-high or astronomical or something that actually shows that it's way high. 150 is considered high, therefore over 1000 should have a name all it's own!
10. men in uniforms, with guns (legally), on motorcycles have an extra hotness factor that's just far too difficult to explain!

....maybe one day i'll do one of these that actually make sense! what ya think!!!

.....what's random in your life?