Tuesday, August 4, 2009

.....that is the question

okay, so you know how i said i would catch up my blog after camp and put pictures and everything, well......i'm sorry i am the world's worst blogger!!!! so my life right now has really consisted of a lot of little kids. my nieces and nephews and then little kids that are like my nieces and nephew....i've got to get pictures up because yes....they are that cute!!!!

so what's going on right now? i'm at a loss....that's what!!!! what should i do, where should i go, etc.....well long story short...i'm in a rut!! i want to get out of said rut!!! sometimes i feel like if i move out of my parents house i will....however.....there goes the free rent!!!! there is absolutely no one here to hang out with that doesn't live at least an hour away (thats what i get for living in the sticks) so this is the dilemma.....to move to utah or to not move to utah? *sigh* who knows?