Wednesday, September 29, 2010


There i was in the bathroom looking in the mirror at the rat's nest we call my hair!  I looked like and 80's rocker!!!  I texted this picture to Gina Jill and told her i felt like an 80's rocker...she said i looked like one too.  let me tell ya that was inspiring....let's not explore the fact that i look like i'm 40 in this picture okay...the hair was depressing enough.
So what do i do?  I go and look for pictures online because this was just unacceptable!  i knew i wanted to go shorter, but i like to try different things everytime so i was looking for inspiration, that's when i came upon this:

so cute right!?!  so it was decided.  armed with these pictures and my head full of hair i went to see Lisa who, as always, entertains me as she cuts my hair.  They have a new shampoo shampoo i've EVER had!  It was amazing!!!  I think i'll go back there just for that reason!  but i digress...sho Lisa starts hacking and what happens?  Well in the end i have a Christina Applegate (who i don't even really like) inspired haircut that is SO much better than the previous 80's it is........

I'll try and get a better shot but that's what we've got for now...and let's be honest, we're lucky rachael even wore mascara that day!  

So..........whatcha think?