Monday, August 13, 2012


....okay so it's happening again.  My hair is gonna have to be cut....remember the 90's rocker phase?  yeah, well i made it past that this time with some layering from gina jill....but i have officially had enough of i'm gonna chop it off this week. 

lemmee tell you why....i know you were itching with here it is:  i have been growing my hair out for the longest "just in case" i happen to meet the man of my dreams and got married...and lets be honest i've only been planning my wedding since i was no pressure right?  well i was thinking the other day about how a wedding is supposed to reflect the i'm a pretty simple rustic chick and most of my ideas go along with that...and how my hair isn't really gonna matter....that no matter what it's gonna be awesome because we're both gonna be if my hair is short when i get'll be short...but it'll still be just as cute and maybe even cuter because it will be more me....

now....back on track.....

it is currently about mid back....and i wish i had a picture to show on here, but i'm definitely not gonna stop this post just to take a picture...soooo...y'all will just have to deal...but what i can provide is the "inspiration" and in this instance i used that term loosely....because the picture i really wanna to take to the chick is incognito, but i swear i pinned that sucker!  so we will have to settle for 3 different ones that i'm literally gonna go in and show the pictures...and just say combine these....have fun!

So this one i think i like just because its a little curly...which my hair does naturally so i thought would be good i guess....but i think i deleted this one from my photo list....who knows.

 this one i really like the length (i think) and it's just cute...sue me
I think i've done this one before....why not add a little dimension...right?

This one i absolutely....LOVE LOVE LOVE....i think it may be a little short for me to pull off...but i really like it.....and i'm singing in a fundraiser on saturday so it can't be absolutely horrible...right?

So their is the selection....i realize that its basically the same hairstyle styled 3 different ways (you're welcome gina) but they look different...and she'll know kinda what i wanna pull off....which is good.

So hopefully when the deed is done i will get back with a picture for know for the 2 people who read this blog...but you know...just in case....who knows...maybe one day it will go viral!'s to dreamin, the record...not really a dream...

anyways....until next's to keeping it real!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

soapbox: facebook

okay, so you know that whole i can post with my phone thing....yeah...well it made my phone go haywire so i deleted that back to good ole fashioned computer (if that can be considered old fashioned)

so....i think i should facebook less.  which is saying something considering i facebook a good once a week at the most....but it is definitely causing feelings of inadequacy.  For instance, comparing my life to other people's lives....just not gonna go anywhere good.  I am of the philosophy that we are led to certain places in our lives for certain reasons, and i see all these pictures of people having so much more fun (ok ok a different kind of fun) at BYU than i did, and i find myself being jealous....but i would never begrudge those experiences that i had.  I had good experiences at BYU....just different ones than you and that is perfectly okay. 

so what if i'm still single?  just because my life hasn't turned out exactly like everbody elses doesn't mean that i haven't developed into something.  i truly believe that a person needs to be comfortable single and confident in themselves before they can be comfortable in least for me.  am i comfortable being single...for the record...yes, but that doesn't mean that i don't long for the companionship and love that comes with just means that for now, God has other plans for me.

nothing good can come from that kind of comparison.  we were all put on this earth for a reason and all have a mission, and just because i wasn't given the same talents or gifts as you were doesn't make me any less lovable, accomplished, or valuable.  we all are different for a reason.  i think its better to put ourselves together and use all of our different gifts to help each other.  it'll much more fun to cross that finish line linking arms with my fellow sisters, helping each other out, than going across utterly alone having everything in the world!

Friday, August 19, 2011

more to come......

I can post with my phone now....excited much!!!!!!!  hopefully that means more frequent thus it is!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

photos by me

just posted new pictures on my photoblog, check it out here!!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010


so at my nephew's school they don't really celebrate "halloween"  but since its busting at the seams with little kids, they have a fall party and each grade has a theme to dress up like.  well my nephew is in kindergarten and their theme is.............nursery rhymes.  so they send home a list of suggestions, and what does my nephew pick.........hickory dickory dock.

so there our brains go with ways to make a clock costume for a 5 year old.  this was our solution.  take a paper bag and cut arm and head holes and cut of the middle of the front or you would if you were making an indian vest, like we did when we were little kids.  well then we took brown felt and covered the bag in felt.  you can sew it directly on the bag because it's thin enough to sew through.  well there's the body, but the tricky part was the head.  so we took poster board and cut out the shape of a clock then covered that in brown felt making sure to cut the hole bigger leaving space for the face of the clock. add a little velcro here and there and a little elastic and make a little pair of pants with the leftover felt and draw the hands on his face with eyeliner or face paint and you've got the cutest little hickory dickory dock ever!!! 
that's right folks...there you have it.......hickory....dickory....dock!!!!
(minus the clock hands)

love this kid!

Monday, October 11, 2010


it's officially official....i suck at blogging. i don't even know why...i enjoy blogging, but i guess between choosing whether to post on my blog or vegging on the couch, taking a shower, or eating i'd choose any of those to know...they're necessities.  the easiest place for me to blog is at work, and that requires some preparation...especially if i want to include pictures...which is always better....most of my pictures are on my external hard drive (best purchase ever!!!) so if i wanted i could lug it in, but well, i have to lug enough in to my little piece of heaven (hear the sarcasm?).

i've officially realized that i spend more time at work than i do at home, with the exception of the weekends, but a majority of my life is spent here.....i'm not exactly sure how i feel about that.

i think i should decorate!

"Within each woman is the capacity to strive for improvement and the freedom to choose her own path.  our challend is to choose a path that will offer to each of us the assurance that our chosen course of life is acceptable and according to the will of God."              {Elaine Sorensen Marshall}

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


There i was in the bathroom looking in the mirror at the rat's nest we call my hair!  I looked like and 80's rocker!!!  I texted this picture to Gina Jill and told her i felt like an 80's rocker...she said i looked like one too.  let me tell ya that was inspiring....let's not explore the fact that i look like i'm 40 in this picture okay...the hair was depressing enough.
So what do i do?  I go and look for pictures online because this was just unacceptable!  i knew i wanted to go shorter, but i like to try different things everytime so i was looking for inspiration, that's when i came upon this:

so cute right!?!  so it was decided.  armed with these pictures and my head full of hair i went to see Lisa who, as always, entertains me as she cuts my hair.  They have a new shampoo shampoo i've EVER had!  It was amazing!!!  I think i'll go back there just for that reason!  but i digress...sho Lisa starts hacking and what happens?  Well in the end i have a Christina Applegate (who i don't even really like) inspired haircut that is SO much better than the previous 80's it is........

I'll try and get a better shot but that's what we've got for now...and let's be honest, we're lucky rachael even wore mascara that day!  

So..........whatcha think?