Monday, October 11, 2010


it's officially official....i suck at blogging. i don't even know why...i enjoy blogging, but i guess between choosing whether to post on my blog or vegging on the couch, taking a shower, or eating i'd choose any of those to know...they're necessities.  the easiest place for me to blog is at work, and that requires some preparation...especially if i want to include pictures...which is always better....most of my pictures are on my external hard drive (best purchase ever!!!) so if i wanted i could lug it in, but well, i have to lug enough in to my little piece of heaven (hear the sarcasm?).

i've officially realized that i spend more time at work than i do at home, with the exception of the weekends, but a majority of my life is spent here.....i'm not exactly sure how i feel about that.

i think i should decorate!

"Within each woman is the capacity to strive for improvement and the freedom to choose her own path.  our challend is to choose a path that will offer to each of us the assurance that our chosen course of life is acceptable and according to the will of God."              {Elaine Sorensen Marshall}

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Unknown said...

Well.. if you suck... then oh my...go check my blog. It REALLY sucks. I love to blog but I just don't get around to it and i really have nothing to say to the non-existent readers anyway. HA HA HA!! I enjoy your blog. And my pass word for today is 'flumstab'! Fun!!