Wednesday, March 24, 2010


i don't want to be....but i am! i can't help it. i want something so bad and i see everyone else getting it, and it makes me jealous because i want it too! alas, it is not my time. i must be patient and wait for the right time and the right person. i know it will happen one day, but its still hard, when i don't want to be jealous of all my friends whom i love dearly. it sucks. but i want to feel what they feel i want someone to love me so much it hurts, and i want to love like that too. to have that kind of love, what a blessing. to know that if i'm having a bad day that person wants to make it better. that if i just need to hear their voice, even if its the butt crack of dawn or midnight thirty, they're there. i want to have that in my life and be that for someone, it still all comes down to jealousy!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

crazy awesome.... i went to florida! it was awesome! I love the weather and i was so loving it the whole time!!!! No snow, and warm breezes....i LOVED it!! I bought new sunglasses (now i have 5 pairs). I've discovered that i love sunglasses...they freaking rock, and these ones were just specta-awesome!!!

i also went something everyone should do. I forgot my camera but they took some shot from a cell phone so it wasn't to awful. We didn't have to get wet either.
and then we took was awesome...i think that i thought it was going to be a little more rough, but it wasn' was cool!
Then they took us out to like 800 ft and we just cruised! It was cool and Jessie was flirting with the parasailing hunk the whole time! It was funny because we just sat there on this little swing that we had our legs was crazy!

crazy awesome!!!!

(this is me and mom at my cousins farewell party....i look like crap it was a long day...i apologize, and if she finds out i put it on here......i'm dead)

So most of my life these days is consumed with, and family. So my niece and nephew come over every other week and just hang so i figured i'd put up some pictures of them up.

Dawson just turned 5 and is really starting to come into his own personality. This is him at a going away party for my cousin Greg before he was deployed to Iraq. (He likes green cake).

He put the hat on like that by i had to take a picture!

Presley (sissy) just turned 4 and is a little diva. When i say diva i mean diva! She rules the roost and even though she has 3 brother and shes the only girl she has no problem putting them in their place and literally taking the down a notch and to the floor....she can beat them all's so funny. She's this little tough girl but is so girly! She loves dogs and princesses and would be happy all day long with those two things.

love these kids!!!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


i was reading a post my a musician and it really touched me so i thought i would share it with you........

it gives me hope that there are musicians out there that feel this way about the world and really have a desire for hope! I love it!!! We must make it so!!!