Saturday, August 21, 2010


{Clauds, Gabriele, & Amanda}
okay, so i went up to chicago for my friend claudia's wedding.  one of the days i was there we went into the city.  we took a bus (abt a 30 minute ride) to the train station, which we took into the city (also about a 30 minute ride).  i have a picture of the rail system map, but it's not that significant, so i'll get on to the important stuff.

{sweet moment}
For instance, we went to the city for a boat tour.  it was an architectural tour, which is way awesome, because ever since i met claudia we've discussed architecture.  her love is far more extensive than mine, but it was cool to learn about the architecture of chicago...which is a way important part of their culture and history.  The guy narrating the tour was a native chicagoan and knew more about chicago than i thought one person could know...he had us looking this way and that. and then i caught a cute moment between clauds and gabriele (whom i called gabe throughout the week, for the lack of being able to pronounce his italian name).

{awesome lighthouse}
{chicago skyline}
He told us a lot about the architecture of the city...they actually had a lighthouse, which i thought was way cool.  i wasn't able to get a great photo of it, but we get what we can.  The day itself was actually quite overcast.  if wasn't a great backdrop for pictures so most of the skyline photos i have are horrible, but i was able to get some green from the park and water from lake michigan in one, so it didn't look all that bad.

We went back up the river at one point, and i saw some buildings that caught my name, so...of course i took pictures, but i don't know what they're called, so don't even ask.  I didn't realize how many movies were filmed in chicago.  Transformers 3 was being filmed while i was there, but we didn't see any of the filming, they just told us that they were in the city. It was so funny because we were all exhausted because we all got to bed late and then had to wake up way early to catch the bus.  Yeah, so gabe fell asleep, and i couldn't resist taking a picture.  I'll be honest though, i fell asleep as well.  Sometimes you can only take so much touring.

So after we finished with the boat we walked several blocks to Michigan Avenue also know as Chicago's Magnificient Mile.  I didn't take a lot of pictures while we were there, but i did take at least one that proved that i was there.  we were on a mission though and had to walk like forever to get to macy's.  okay so maybe it wasn't forever, but it sure seemed like it.

{almost newlyweds}
well after that we went down to the train (we got on underground, so i guess you could call it a subway at least for a portion of it)  There were tons of was crazy!  But i'm glad i got to experience it for myself.  Needless to say it was a pretty long ride back so some people {clauds + gabe} was cute though so i forgave them...which was all good because later i got to take a nap, and they didn't.  

It was so cute to see them together and helping each other through the stress and still in love.  It was awesome, and i'm glad i was able to share this time with them.  

Love you guys!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

ode to the truck driver...

they travel here, they travel there
getting things from here to there
we need the things that they truck
but when it comes to driving....they suck.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

on my way....

here i go!  i'm going to chicago for Claudia's wedding!  I'm excited i haven't seen her in a long time!  i remember talking about the windy city with her a lot...and now i'll get to see it through her eyes!  Congrats Clauds....i wish you all the happiness in the world!!!

more to come....