Wednesday, August 8, 2012

soapbox: facebook

okay, so you know that whole i can post with my phone thing....yeah...well it made my phone go haywire so i deleted that back to good ole fashioned computer (if that can be considered old fashioned)

so....i think i should facebook less.  which is saying something considering i facebook a good once a week at the most....but it is definitely causing feelings of inadequacy.  For instance, comparing my life to other people's lives....just not gonna go anywhere good.  I am of the philosophy that we are led to certain places in our lives for certain reasons, and i see all these pictures of people having so much more fun (ok ok a different kind of fun) at BYU than i did, and i find myself being jealous....but i would never begrudge those experiences that i had.  I had good experiences at BYU....just different ones than you and that is perfectly okay. 

so what if i'm still single?  just because my life hasn't turned out exactly like everbody elses doesn't mean that i haven't developed into something.  i truly believe that a person needs to be comfortable single and confident in themselves before they can be comfortable in least for me.  am i comfortable being single...for the record...yes, but that doesn't mean that i don't long for the companionship and love that comes with just means that for now, God has other plans for me.

nothing good can come from that kind of comparison.  we were all put on this earth for a reason and all have a mission, and just because i wasn't given the same talents or gifts as you were doesn't make me any less lovable, accomplished, or valuable.  we all are different for a reason.  i think its better to put ourselves together and use all of our different gifts to help each other.  it'll much more fun to cross that finish line linking arms with my fellow sisters, helping each other out, than going across utterly alone having everything in the world!

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Dedra C said...

i love this post! i went to a book club with a friend of mine and most of the ladies there were single. it wasn't really a book club. it was a boo hoo i'm still single and men stink club.

thank you for seeing you are a beautiful woman of worth and single. your marital status does not define you.

ps, you're welcome for stalking you. i know you were hoping i would.