Thursday, September 10, 2009

idiosyncrasy & replinishment

lol...isn't that an awesome word? I think it is! Anyways, so why is it that we all have these different things about us that make us unique? Like why do i have to have one leg sticking out of the blanket/sheet in order to go to sleep? There i was in my bed trying to go to sleep and pop there goes my leg....i don't think it understands that when its not covered up it gets cold which isn't very conducive to sleep. Don't ya love it!!!

I'm excited for tomorrow! I get to go to Mckay's, i'll have to take pictures so y'all can see what it is! I love it, it's a huge bookstore!!!! Except for they sale them way cheap like 50 cents for the books i read, so if i get 20 it only cost me $10 I LOVE IT!!!! They have all kinds of music and stuff too, and since i have exhausted my book reserve i must replenish it, so tomorrow my mom and i will embark on a journey of the utmost important! It's so fun, we go in there and just lose track of time and the next thing you know we've spent 2 hours in there, but we can't tomorrow!!!

We're getting the Kids!!! My niece, Presley (affectionately known as sissy), and my nephew, Dawson are coming to vist MawMaw and CoCo(what they call me)! They are spending the night!!!! It'll be fun to just let lose and get some major play on!!!! And totally feed my little kid fix at the same time!!!! I'm excited!!! YAY!!!! If i can figure out how to put pictures on this thing i'll totally post some, because lets be honest they are the two cutest kids ever!!!!

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Unknown said...

Sorry about your leg. he he he I LOVE Mc Kay's but I rarely ever get all the way over there. And haven't they moved closer to Ooltewah now? Even further than me than before. Oh the sadness!!!