Tuesday, September 22, 2009

at last

Oh how i miss brooke! I wasn't her very best friend, but she was my friend and I loved her for it. We would pass each other every day on our way to and from classes and we would always stop and talk or sign. She was one of the best people i've ever known. She was always there for anyone who needed her with a kind word or just a hug, but she was there. And now, i can finally shed the tears that have waited for five years. When she disappeared i was in total and utter shock, and then when they found her kidnapper....that was hard. Now i can mourn what i knew was probably true the whole time, but didn't want to accept. I've watched her family with awe, how amazing they are. How glad i am for the gospel at this time, to know that she is being watched over and held in the arms of a loving man. What greater comfort can she or we receive? I pray that i can always remember her example and the profound affect she had on so many lives. I love you Brooke and I will always miss you!


Unknown said...

I am sorry for your pain Rach! Such a sad sad situation.

Brit Bennion said...

I'm with you Rach. We weren't best friends, but she touched my life in so many ways.