Friday, September 25, 2009

hungry toilets

So, have you ever had to pee so bad that you are running down grocery store aisles? Yeah well it happened to me yesterday. There i am in the produce trying to figure out if i want to buy some cucumbers when it hit me. I get to the bathroom, barely, and use it. However in the midst of all this my cell phone had flipped out of my pocket, i even saw it do so in the reflection of the little trash can on the stall wall. Thought nothing of it, until i started looking around for it. Yeah, we all know where this is going......the toilet ate my cell phone!!!! Ugh!!! I did however save it from being digested, but the damage had already been done....we all know how much cell phones love water....yeah not so much! So i take it apart on the baby changer table thingy and dry it off, put it back together, and definitely didn't turn it back on until it had dried out awhile at home. Oh i have a feeling this will be story told at many family events, because of course any story that would make fun of me would be one worth telling. So....bit of advice always know where your cell phone is flying and don't let hungry toilets use it as a sacrifice.


Eva said...

How funny =) I found my cell phone in the refrigerator one time.

Unknown said...

bwaahhhh ha ha ha ha!!! Happens to us all. Except far. I've had many near misses though. I keep my phone in my back pocket too so I have witnessed it trying to take a dive in to the loo many times. That naughty phone!