Wednesday, December 2, 2009


so i just got back from utah! It's good to be home, but at the same time it's hard. While i was in utah life was less mundane, but i don't think i would like living there again. There was a sort of excitement in the air, but at the same time theres a lot of drama associated with a college town and having 5 other roommates! we had fun while i was there, and i have a new appreciation for jacob, but i'm still an edward fan, even though he can be a jerk! Applebee's rocks and i love john, jon, and kaydee! Strawberry daiquiris take all my worries away even when they attack me! Hanging out with friends and just enjoying each other's company is so where it's at! Creepy bosses freak me out; recirculated air and being at high elevations is way overrated!!! (still feeling the effects!

The temple is awesome!! My last day in utah we went and did baptisms at the Provo Temple! It was awesome! I so needed a reenergization spiritually and that's exactly what i got! I was way tempted to not go. I was so tired and just wanted to sleep in, but it was so worth it! It just helps me to recenter my life and want to be a better person!!! It just makes me happier, and in the words of Donny Osmond that's what makes mormons different and recognizable! It's so true!!! I have been so much happier since i've been to the temple (it's been awhile since i've gone), even though i had a brain lapse and couldn't remember how to put my hands and even though the baptiser was like 2 feet shorter than me---it was all worth it!!! It's like a re-cleansing for the spirit and soul!!! (btw, can't wait til i don't have to wear those jumpsuits and can wear a temple dress instead)

It's good to be home! To be in my bed and can sprawl out as much as i want without offending anyone or making any "roommates" mad!!! I love that home is where you can be who you are and not get judged for it!!! No one is offended here because they love me for who i am, and not for what society dictates!!! I love the funny quips that my mom says and just makes me laugh! Like "chunk, chunk, chunk" or "who the heck slowed down the rotation of the earth?!?!" I love her and all she does for me!!! I love home!!!

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