Monday, December 14, 2009

....not so little

so my little brother gave his "farewell" talk yesterday. I don't know why it was weird, but it was. It was the very first talk he's every written by himself.....he used to have me write them or his girlfriend...what a slacker...right! Anyways, it was a really good talk about the Holy Ghost, and it's crazy as my little brother being not so little's crazy, he's leaving to go on his mission on the 30th and my mom is already preparing for a onslaught of missing him. It's funny but not at the same time!!!

There was another person who gave a talk yesterday and she was a young woman at camp this past summer and i think she' graduating so she won't be at the next one, but her talk was about holding up virtue and standing true. It was awesome!!! She related it that the youth today can be as influential as the founding fathers and the young men during the revolutionary war by standing for virtue in all they do and how that can affect people just as much! It was a perfect analogy for me, i loved it!!! It's great to know that there are young people who will stand for the virtue that will be key in defeating the evil forces that plague the world today!!!

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