Monday, November 9, 2009


so this weekend i discovered something about myself, that i sort of already knew, but really came out this weekend! I LOVE PHOTOGRAPHY!!! the different angles light and combinations of them together. I was at a wedding this weekend and had my digital camera with me (which i hate the zoom on btw and as good as auto focus is sometimes it is the bane of my existence) and had fun getting different angles of the flowers and the cake and bouquet, and i would put them on here but i'm not on my computer...i had decided to invest in a better camera awhile ago, but i am certain about it now. All i wanted to do the whole ceremony is go up the aisle and get different angles of the couple, because the photographer wasn't...but hey that's just me... anyways so photography is my new love, and if y'all are lucky i will put some of the pictures up on here. I'll edit this post and add some photos that i took.

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