Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Elderly ADD

Why is it once a person gets past a certain age, they automatically get elderly ADD?
Have you ever noticed when your riding in a car with someone over the age of fifty, more often than not they get really distracted by what's on the side of the road? It's not even done consciously. It sucks though, especially if you are the passenger! All of a sudden you notice that the car you are riding in is slowly veering into the wrong lane, you look at the driver and notice, they aren't even watching the road, completely oblivious to such veerage! You brace yourself on the dashboard with one arm, because that will protect you if you happen to wreck, while similtaneously screeching the driver's name, at a decibel that is definitely not intelligible to the human ear. They quickly look up and jerk the car back in the appropriate lane. Your head, however, has now smacked into the passenger window and richoted back, resulting in horizontal whiplash, leaving you wondering if the mild concussion you just sustained will give you an excuse to lay out of work for the day! Dream on! The driver is yelling at you to quit criticizing his driving, I mean what were you thinking, how dare you save both of your lives!!! Ever happen to you? Happens to me almost every day!!! Tada!

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