Saturday, October 11, 2008

who knew....perceptions

Who knew that I would ever have a blog....right!!!! Crazy! Anyways, so I figured this would be a good place to vent out my frustration but then I realized that people could actually read this and I probably wouldn't want them to read my frustrations and then think I was some sort of psycho, but you know....that might happen anyways!!!!

I've realized that people are rarely who they want to be...for instance, i would love not to be a psycho and probably would never see myself as such, but you know how other people can be, always perceiving what they want someone to be by outside appearances. For instance, i was talking to one of my friends Eva today and we were talking about my cousin who happened to go to the same mission as her and we were talking about how she last perceived me. You know a 14 yr old popular wannabe who was wearing shorter shorts than she should have been. Anyways, the point is people's perceptions of us are rarely accurate. If we want to be perceived a certain way, dress the way that would best convey that. ( yeah i know who uses the word convey anymore!) Just be who you want to be!! It doesn't matter what other people think of you! Especially if the last time they saw you was when you were a misguided 14 year old...hardly the accurate portrayal of what I'd be the rest of my life....but thus is life!!!

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Eva said...

Rachael I did not know you had a blog... and it looks like you've been neglecting it!! I would love to hear more from you (including rantings if you must =P ) And actually it might surprise you I use the word convey. Not very often, though. It is on my "sophisticated words" list that I use to write papers or sound smart. There aren't too many "sophisticated words" that I know what they mean. haha (And I didn't know how to spell sophisticated. I'm glad I can right click and the screen tells me the answer. Otherwise I would look like an idiot and defeat the purpose of my "sophisticated words" list.)