Wednesday, October 29, 2008

a toys r' us kid

You know some people think that i don't act my age, in that i'm immature to some degree. I beg to differ. Who says just because you're in you early to mid twenties that you have to act like a thirty years old. There is nothing wrong with having fun; and let me tell you i can have fun with the best of them! What's up with all these things that you have to have if you are all of the sudden graduated from college, single, and recently just past the age to be on your parents insurance. I mean who the heck wants to grow up anyways? I mean come on there will always be that part of everyone that wants to have what they had when they were younger! Exactly!!! That's why i am living it up while i can, because no one wants to grow up too fast! I want to be able to say that i had a good time when i was younger, because when i get older i'll probably actually care about what people think i'm supposed to act like! Live it up now!!