Sunday, July 4, 2010

long enough....

okay, so i figure its been almost 2 months since my birthday so i can officially post and not feel guilty! i've looked at a lot of friends blogs lately, and so much is going on in their lives that i feel envious and guilty all at the same time--envious because i yearn for the next phase in my life and guilty because i have like nothing going on in mine....well...maybe just envious! so let's just get to it....

i was called to our YW Camp committee as the Moral Director {translation: do anything needs to be done} i loved it! I love being involved with the Young Women. seeing their testimonies go from this little see to a full blow testimony--it's awesome! Anyways, so we were at a new campsite this year so it was a little crazy but we had tons of fun! There was a ropes course which i am the proud person who got to show everyone that the safety lines do work! I fell off the ropes course and the rappelling tower.....go me! Yes that's me going up {the eliminator} evidently my gloves were too big because i lost my grip and slipped! Doesn't the harness do great things for my bootay!

The girls had a blast and it was awesome!

Today is July 4th and i can't not say something about the awesome country we live in that we are able to worship our God and not be persecuted for it. It makes me think of all of those who have lost their lives to keep this country what it is {free}!!! God Bless America!

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Unknown said...

You are the perfect Morale person Rachael! You never seem frazzled or lose your cool! And you're always so dang bubbly!
And you'll have better fitting gloves for the ropes course next year! I want to see YOUR cat-like skills!